“A big business starts small.” – Richard Branson

Over the past year, small businesses found themselves at a disadvantage and many had to shut shop or temporarily pause their operations. However, on the flip side, staying at home gave several people the gift of time. They could explore their hidden talents and start new ventures with little investment and more time to give.

This is where we come in. We are building a connecting community of small businesses to generate a more sustainable, ​resilient, and accessible ecosystem. Simply said, we want to give entrepreneurs and homegrown initiatives a platform to showcase their work and make them accessible to all.

Introducing Homegrown Labels, a discovery platform where local and home-run businesses can register their products/services free of cost and connect with a wider audience. We will take your product/service to its necessary audience and give it the visibility it deserves. We do not charge a commission or take credit for your work; we only wish to give you the platform to let your work speak for itself.

Let’s all get together and help each other sustain during these difficult times.