Men have always had a tough time maintaining their skincare routine because we don’t follow this routine seriously.

So today we have suggested a simple yet effective skincare routine for men.

Men’s skin is generally oily and filled with minute pores and blackheads.

Here are some ways to tackle it


In the morning, it Is generally best to have a face wash and moisturize your face quickly after bathing. It helps retain the moisture in the skin, which prolongs the life of your skin cells and prevents dry skin.

For men with beards, you must use a beard-friendly face wash because many rashes in the beard can cause pimples on your skin.


Generally, after lunch we start getting oily again, and if you travel by public travel or by bikes and scooters. We get a lot of pollution pigments stuck on the minute pores of our skin. This, later on, leads to pimples and blackheads hence we need to use – ‘SCRUBS’. Many cosmetics sell face wash scrubs for men – they have papaya and other fruit extracts. When applied to the face it pricks the pollution pigments off your skin pores. And I have found it way more effective than any other face washes out there in the market.

Evening routine

When you are back home and after a tiring day, if you want to relax all you need to do is wash your face with lukewarm water and a non-scrub facewash, as too much scrub in a day may give you rash skin instead of a soft and smooth texture. And apply moisturizer again. That pretty much sums for a healthy skincare routine for men who don’t want to spend a lot of money and energy on skincare.