So answering the million-dollar question? Can you look better for a party, wedding, and just about any gathering where there are people you want to impress. Guess what, you can tune your appearance up a notch for a fine evening or a whole day. If you take care of these few things.


The first thing people notice about you is your face, and if it’s oily or filled with pimples, acne, and dry skin. Then they don’t give as much attention to you. So here are the things you should do before going to a party

An hour before the party, make sure you apply a moisturizing face mask. What this does is helps in making your skin clear off the dirt. But make sure before you apply the mask to wash your face. These masks help you relax your face and temporarily get rid of the wrinkles.


Now hair is a very big topic of dressing altogether, people nowadays have different hairstyles for different parties. A faded cut looks for a disco night and a silky hairy look in the day for ethnic or wedding parties. All these constant changes are followed by heavy use of hair wax, hair gel, and oils.

All of these are not always healthy for your hair.  So it’s always better to keep their use to a minimum.

A moist hair look always looks good and feels good within. Using wet look wax can help in this because other wax products in the market make your hair hard and give rise to sweating.


Fragrance, indicated by axe body spray ads where girls come running to you when they smell your body fragrance. Not always will this be true, but yes girls do have a certain attraction as to how you smell. Hence smelling good never hurts, and no one is a fan of your manly body odor.

Hence always spray on a body spray before you leave especially on your armpit areas.

And there you have it these simple tricks will help you feel more confident and attractive in a social gathering.