Today let’s talk about one of the prominent men who like to flaunt, their beards! Big, small, bushy, sharp all men have different kinds of beards. But they always end up shaving it clean or trimming it down once in a while.

If you use blade sharp razors for shaving, then you must be familiar with all the troubles accounted along with it, Cuts, rashes, irritation, and roughness.

So here are a few solutions for you.


 If you want a clean Shave to make sure you keep all the Equipment clean.

 The razor blade, for instance, should always be sanitized and clean, make it a practice to dip your razor in water diluted with an alcohol-containing antiseptic like Dettol. This prevents all those rashes after a clean shave.


       Yes!! It is necessary. Yes, it burns when you apply it after shaving put that’s for good because if you continue with your day without applying aftershave. It will have future Repercussions in the form of rashes and pimples. There are many aftershaves out in the market, old spice being one of them. Along with their healing capabilities they also provide a good manly fragrance and that’s never a bad thing.


Once you have shaved your face clean, you have opened up all those tiny pores in your facial skin and that makes it very vulnerable to bacteria and loss of water. So always make it a point you moisturize with a good moisturizing lotion after you shave. This will also help in relaxing your skin and calm your irritation.

I am going to list a few products you can use to make your clean shaving experience as painless as possible.

  • Shaving cream
  • Shaving foam cream
  • Shaving brush
  • Shaving mirror
  • New and safe razor blades
  • Aftershave
  • Beard oils