Now that’s a very controversial question, should we or should we not? It’s a very manly Concept, right? Hairs on your body make you feel you are a man now. Whatever may be the case, body hair removal is an area that is usually perceived to be extremely tricky by men all around. So why should I shave? Well, the answer lies here

Let me ask you a question?

Would you like it if your girlfriend’s chest is more harrier than you?

*Awkward silence*

Haha, lol so yes. The biggest part of male validation has a few feminine elements. Yes, your girlfriend might like your beard but that doesn’t mean you need to have hair everywhere.

Apart from these social factors, having a lot of body hair comes with health issues, excess sweating, and whatnot.

Men have exponential hair growth in three regions – pubic area, facial hair

And chest along with your armpits. Now we always flaunt our beards and it is not a bad thing. It looks attractive when it is trimmed and maintained properly. In the same way, we should groom our hairy chests and armpits too. Merely trimming it down can do wonders.

For people with a well-built body, the level of sharpness goes up when they have a well waxed or shaved chest. Because it advertises a clean look.

With the new developments in the fashion industry, Men’s clothing is becoming more and more revealing too. Hence the next time you wear a tank top on the beach and a few girls smile at you because they could see your shaved chest. You will have me to thank.

In the end, it is you who decide whether you want to look good or not but trust me it never hurts to try. Shave, wax, or trim it once and notice the changes. Your girlfriend will smile for sure *wink*.