Skincare for men has always been a gray area, we believe only in soaps and face washes don’t we.

But we do need to take care of our skin in the winters as dry skin not only looks bad but also leads to many skincare problems.

Following are the tips that men should use to protect their skin in the winters and keep their macho Karishma ever-lasting.


       Undoubtedly moisturizer is never the fav choice of men because we are just tired of applying It all over the body two times a day after showers. But guess what we have to as it keeps our dry skin at bay and makes our skin cells even healthy. It helps us look younger than ever. In my personal experience moisturizer is a very important part of skincare.

Here is the product which I generally use. It’s from Nivea and the bottle has a dispenser as well.


      Have you ever seen a woman with dry lips? No, right. Lip balms and lip creams are the reason why women don’t have those deep cuts and dry flakes on their lips. And almost all of us men do have dry lips in the winter, coz we think it’s not a big deal. But that’s where we go wrong. We do need lip moisturizers. Not just so that your girlfriend can feel your soft lips when you kiss her but so that you don’t get a burning sensation in your lips when you eat something spicy and it burns like hell.

Here are a few moisturizers and lip balms that I feel can do wonders

Also listed below are a few more items that I feel can make men’s skin

Cold cream

Body nourisher

Skin serum

Body lotion

Moisturizing shaving creams