So today we thought of settling a debate, which kind of hairstyle category looks good on men
Curly or rough coarse hair?
While curly can give a more feminine and trendy look
Rough gives more of a manly look
So first let us list some advantages of curly hair In men

• You are easy to spot in a crowd. You could be lost in a swarm of humanity at the busiest streets and concerts and your group will be able to find you.
• You’ve got to admit not having to wash your hair as often. Curls not only look good, but they also disguise your dirty hair even when it’s past due for a wash.
• No combing; get ready in minutes. The best thing about curls is that you don’t have to comb them! You can just wake up and leave.

Rough coarse hair advantages

• If treated and managed properly, coarse hair can hold a style well
• It can also appear to have a lot of body and volume.
• It can become dry.
• It can become brittle.
• It can be frizzy.
• It’s prone to breakage

So to make the comparison fair I asked a girl to rate both the hairstyles because, in the end, it all comes down to people finding it attractive.
Here is the result
“I like both. I love curly, although on guys it usually looks better if it’s shorter, so you don’t have huge hair. Straight looks good too though, although I don’t usually like overstyled hair”
Just go with whatever you like and what suits you best, basically what women find attractive is how good are we able to handle what we have. Do we keep it straight, curly, frizzy in the end it all comes down to how we groom it to look good on us?